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(Redux!) What If…? PLASTIC MAN – The Ultimate moonwalk bouncer!

For the record, Plastic-Man is one of my all-time fave characters! He has some of the most original powers, is one of the most powerful superheroes – and despite all the drama the JLA goes through, this guy manages to … Continue reading

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Finally the rest of the non-comic book/Geek world will understand the magnitude of how ridiculously AWESOME this is! I only have two words to relay how Fu*kin Psyched I am about tonite – TWO WORDS – ROR – SCHACH!!   … Continue reading

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I know, I’m late….

so check it out, i know its not friday, and i know i’m two days late. but hear me out. i had no internet. well, i had it, but i had to reconnect it. we’re in the process of moving … Continue reading

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2 Comic Book Guys! 1st posting

2 Comic Book Guys kicks off O-Fish-ally TODAY with our intro! (drumroll please…..) JAY: The moderator, numerator, common-ator, and dominator of the blog. All hail to the king, baby! FRIDAY: aka The Daywalker, is Jay’s big, burly, partner-in-crime on this … Continue reading

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