Movie Review: HEREDITARY…..[100% Spoiler Free!]

You Are Not Prepared.


The world is about to be divided between two groups:

Those who will watch ‘Hereditary’ – And everybody else.

Those of us who watch this waking nightmare will be talking about it for years. Decades, even. Among horror classics like The Exorcist. I’m not saying its as good as The Exorcist, or even as scary. But…it is scary as fuck. It is deeply disturbing and in some cases just flat-out WRONG. And it is now a part of horror movie legacy.

Hereditary begins with a grandmother dying and the residue of her life that she leaves behind with her family. There are early signs of family woes, frustrations, guilt, shame and anguish. There is enough tension in the air to stifle your breathing. Things get weirder as the mom suffers from depression, anxiety, and possible mental illness (or, does she?).

From here the movie delivers several helpings of “WTF“, and slowly but steadily twists that knife into your psyche for the next 2 hours. I’m not saying ANYTHING else about it except…as a horror movie, Hereditary moves directly to the head of the class, jumping over everything we’ve seen before. There is nothing else like it.

Here’s how unsettling this movie is: I watch scary movies year-round, Dozens annually. I’ve seen hundreds in my lifetime. I felt…BAD after watching this. I needed a shower. I needed to feel good about something in life. stopped to grab my favorite ice cream. I went home and binged episodes of The Office. I needed to laugh and forget what I just saw. I fell asleep with my light on. :-/

I saw this movie out of excitement with my horror podcast co-host. We THOUGHT we had the movie figured out 2/3rds of the way in. Turns out we were wrong. When it was all said and done, we just kind of looked at each other to see who would talk first.

I think I said, Well, FUCK. WOW….’ :-/

I felt dirty, like something nasty brushed across my soul and I needed to scrub it off.  My podcast buddy said he would go see it again just for “shits and giggles. mostly shits” (his actual words). I replied that ONCE was enough for me lol.  I saw what I needed to see and I saw stuff I wouldn’t mind NEVER seeing again.

As for rating the movie? 4 stars? 5 stars?

This is one of the rare moments when I’m not rating a movie.

You can either see it – or not. it’s totally up to you. If you are a horror movie fan you HAVE to see this movie. It is the movie we will be talking about for a very long time.

For the rest of humanity, I will say that you’ll be fine if you never see it.

Some things cannot be un-seen.

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In today’s episode we break down our Top 20 sexiest comic book Hotties and why we love them! <3

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MOVIE REVIEW: DEADPOOL 2! More of everything and funny as F&@k!

Deadpool 2 gives us TWICE the amount of funny + more of everything else = awesome!

Jay’s totally Spoil-Free Review!  

The Merc with the Mouth is BACK!

Proving the first movie wasn’t lightning in the bottle, Ryan Reynolds ups the ante and delivers more of EVERYTHING in part 2! More funny, More swearing, more action and more carnage, plus dozens of Easter eggs and non-stop cultural references! The funny starts immediately and doesn’t let up well into the credits.

The addition of Cable is perfect for Deadpool to be at his absolute ‘DeadPool-iest’ lol. The worst part of this movie? – timing your laughs so you don’t miss the next joke. 

Oh, one last thing…..Zazie Beetz as Domino, Mm!

Sweet Jesus Lawdahmercy!

She owns every scene she is in! I want a solo Domino movie ASAP!  If Captain Marvel can get her own movie??? Shiiiiiiit… I will pay to see Zazie do anything! As a matter of fact, ‘Atlanta needs MORE of Zazie Beetz. I’m js…

Now if you excuse me, I Gotta go see Deadpool 2 again for all the missed inside jokes 😀


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