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In my opinion, Dave Sims’ CEREBUS the Aardvark is one of the great literary works in Western civilization. You may differ, but I say thee NAY! lol – Pick up one of the earlier collectedvolumes and try to put it down.



Cerebus is overflowing with countless ‘you-had-to-be-there!’ moments and the covers are no exception. You won’t find a more artfully exciting, graphically drool-inducing set of covers than Sims’ Cerebus works…..



…like this take on Man-Thing/ Swamp Thing and…. i think Alan Moore. Marvelous. 😛  Because of Sim’s genius (or madness), it is impossible to pick favorites from the canon of Cerebus covers. You can only choose from certain ones as representatives or sentimental reasons. (Aside from his ‘Going Home’ series) – each cover can near stand alone as an original work of framable art.



Just one of the hundreds of ‘you had to be there!’ moments in Cerebus. The cover alone is worth the price of admission. 🙂 Dave Sim was a savant for line work. he once stated for upcoming artists that (and i’m paraphrasing) ‘anything that you’re doing in life that is NOT drawing is an impediment’. That includes having a social life.



ahhh, LOL. Such a heartfelt take on Marty Feldman. Just laugh out loud hilarious!! Along with ‘Church And State I and II’ – GUYS was one of my favorite collections. Dave Sim – god.



Something about this cover reminds me of Strangers in Paradise. Hmmmm. Boy, that look in Cerebus’ eyes just kills me EVERY TIME i look at it! Haaaa! awww man, Cerebus…… you had no idea.



again, there are far, FAR too many awesome Cerebus covers to mention! For every one I post, there are a few dozen that get pissed off for not making the cut. This is a perfect send-up of Spawn – where our not-so friendly Aardvark also made his own in appearance in the real Spawn pages!



Yep! That be the one. Classic 🙂

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