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True Jason Todd was a whiny jerk. And yes, we all hated him. And yes, we pined for the possible return of Dick Grayson aka Nightwing. and YES – we all pretty much voted to have Todd killed. BUT WE WEREN’T READY FOR THIS! …….this cover shocked many of with the stark reality of holding someone’s mortality in our hands….. 🙁


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Sometimes a comic book cover becomes frame-able artwork. Alex Ross is a god among men. Cyclone looks young, wild, and carefree. Steel looks magnificently unstoppable. And Power Woman looks….well….POWERFUL.  beautiful. 🙂



I was in 8th grade when this issue came out. Me and my comic book homies were beside ourselves with excitement with McFarlane’s introduction of VENOM -easily one of the greatest comic book villains ever!  But it wasn’t until years later that I realized that this wasn’t just a cool cover celebrating 300 issues –  Todd McFarlane masterfully ‘targeted’ Spidey for major changes! The Spider-Man universe was definitively altered with the release of this iconic issue. Mr. McFarlane – thank you for this. 🙂



The aforementioned Venom is not only extremely deadly and nigh unstoppable – but he also has a very sick sense of humor! The cover suggested that Spiderman died; and Peter convinced Venom that he had. The facade worked for a few years. Love the Hamlet reference!



Powerful image here! During Hulk’s rampage as the ‘World Breaker’ – Ghost Rider tried valiantly (and failed miserably) to stop him. GR is quite powerful himself….but in the end? HULK SMASH.



Love him or loathe him, LOBO is a kick-ass character! (with a movie in the works!) He has many outrageous covers – but I think this one best sums the madness that is the ‘Main Man’;  sneering with a pair of maimed hands from another hapless victim!



Vertigo Comics gets my vote as consistently having the best covers. ‘100 Bullets’ is a comic book just BEGGING to be made into a prime-time cable series.  Here we have the very sexy Dizzy, whose pose frames the Lone Star State, where most of the action takes place. being nude only helps. And the parrot just adds to the sauce!



Bruce Jones has a remarkable run on the Hulk series. This Norman Rockwell-inspired cover is pure classic! Everything from the scale of size, (Doc Samson is no slouch himself!) to the stainless steel bent chair, is awesome. 🙂



Also part of the Jones/ Hulk saga. The Hulk series took a nice dramatic turn of events with ‘X-Files’ type of storylines. Focusing less on the monster and more on the surrounding drama of Banner’s life. All kinds of mystery and conspiracies. Great stuff! This ‘Apocalypse Now‘ movie poster tribute is gold!



The year was 1993. Batman already had a rich history full of stories and adventures – and arguably has the most impressive villains’ gallery of any other superhero. But when BANE hit the scene?;  well…. this cover says it all! Bane was the first bad guy to literally BREAK the Batman. It was never the same since.


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  1. 24hourstomidnight says:

    Spider-Man 347 was the first comic I ever bought. I was swayed by the idea that it would be worth something some day… I mean, it was basically saying that Spider-Man DIED in that very issue.

  2. Jay Jay says:

    Peter pulled the ‘ol ‘Fake a death’ okey-doke!

  3. Sam says:

    John Romita, Jr. was the one who did the Wolverine cover for Uncanny X-Men #207, not Silvestri.

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