MOVIE REVIEW: Infinite geek tears for AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR!!


Jay’s 30-Second Review (Spoiler Free!)

Its BIG, It’s Bold, It’s Loud and Colorful! An action-packed special effects extravaganza along with enough laughs and emotional impact to fill every second of 2 and 1/2 hours – Avengers: Infinity War is what fanboys and girls LIVE for! A LOT has happened since Iron Man debuted 10 years ago (and 18 movies).

Every hero, every origin story, every cross reference, every battle, every box office smashing success (Black Panther, anyone?), and all those defining Post Credit scenes came together in this ridiculously massive movie! Marvel wins on every level imaginable – Setting and breaking their own records!

Best of all, an 8ft tall CGI Thanos looked realistic enough not to suck. Props to Josh Brolin’s superb acting, bringing a semblance of humanity to a cosmic tyrant. If you haven’t seen this yet you are failing as a human lol. There are no excuses! Go see this ASAP.



Part 2 Predictions

#1 – Cosmic Being cameos (Galactus, Surfer, Stranger, Watcher, Adam Warlock, The Grand Tribunal!??)

#2 – Introducing Captain Marvel AND Mar-Vell! And possibly Nova?

#3 – Forming the Infinity Watch,  (Adam Warlock, Gamora, Pip, Moondragon, Drax) or some new lineup, so this can Never…EVER…evereverevereverever…happen again!

#4 – Resetting the MCU timeline to go into Phase 4!

#5 – Teasing a Kree/Skrull war


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