I have found my new guilty pleasure… and it is a cute little red panda.

Whatever buzz you are hearing is true! Netflix quietly dropped this Japanese import and it is f*ckin, BRILLIANTNever in my life did the words ‘red panda’ and ‘death metal’ pop up in the same thought.

Enter: Aggretsuko! 

How to describe it?? Aggretsuko is like…Hello Kitty on steroids. I clicked on it out of curiosity and damn near spit out my drink a few minutes into it! Was I drunk? Was I high? NO. I was merely streaming it at work during lunch. And It is possibly the funniest shit currently on Netflix.

The premise is simple – a young professional (Retsuko) deals with all the typical ‘I hate my job’ crap: an overbearing boss, gossipy coworkers, butt-kissers and brown-nosers, etc… she takes out her frustrations in the form of death metal karaoke. As crazy as that sounds, it all makes sense once you watch it.

On its face it looks like a bunch of cutes-y forest creatures (panda, bunnies, gazelles) running around at work, BUT…give it a few minutes and you’ll see the magic. It brilliantly satires all the trappings of modern life with edgy wit. Plus, karaoke.

Lots of laugh out loud moments, great cultural references, and a surprising amount of heart -Aggretsuko will sneak up on you and make you an instant fan. I wasn’t expecting ANYTHING and ended up binging the entire series in one afternoon! Trust me yo, there is nothing else like it.

“Death metal forever!” 


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