MOVIE REVIEW: Make some noise for ‘A Quiet Place’!

“Shhh…be vewy, vewy quiet! We’re hunting HUMANS!”

Apparently there is a direct line to success for comedy-turned-horror fame. Like Jordan Peele before him (Key and Peele), John Kracinski (Jim Halpert from The Office) hits a home run with his horror debut!



Well paced and incredibly well-acted, A Quiet Place is a brilliant take on horror. First time director John Krasinski focuses on what REALLY scares us. Remove all the hype, all the action, all the gunfire, loud explosions and jump scares, and what’s left is an intelligent look at a very real family dynamic trying to survive against impossible odds. Being a parent was never this terrifying!



A Quiet Place (AQP) is a parent’s worse nightmare. A truly terrifying thriller from start to finish – AQP deals as much with the stresses of parenting as it does with battling monsters. You think its tough being a parent? HA! Keeping your children safe takes on a whole new meaning.

AQP is about a family (The Abbots) who have to survive in TOTAL SILENCE or else be hunted down by mysterious creatures attracted to sound. If that weren’t bad enough, one of the kids is deaf. And the wife is pregnant. :-/


The movie starts  on Day 89 – 3 months after an unknown incident left the world devoid of life. The Abbots are scavenging through an empty landscape, tiptoeing barefoot, avoiding leaves, sticks, candy wrappers… anything that will make noise.

Everything seems routine, until a very unfortunate accident happens…And we quickly realize just how horrifying the threat is. And that is just the first 5 minutes :-/

From there, AQP takes us into the lives of this one family fighting for survival in a world of complete silence! 

Through a quick basement montage we learn a few things:  our government is nonexistent, our military is decimated, the destruction happened quickly and decisively. As Kacinski describe it, the carnage was “Like wolves in a daycare, we never stood a chance.”

During the very few ‘quiet’ moments we see newspaper headlines:





(Apparently the newspaper presses ran just long enough to warn humanity)

Dad Abbott keeps a dry erase board with notes written like ‘SILENCE = SURVIVAL” and  ‘WEAKNESSES?’, and ‘3 CONFIRMED IN AREA’ – which tells us that it only takes THREE of these creatures to wipe out an entire region.

These monsters are some of the most terrifying in movie history.  

Part ‘Alien’ xenomorph, part ‘Starship Troopers‘ bugs,  and part the robot hunting-dogs from Black Mirror’s ‘Metalhead’ episode (phenomenal, btw!) – These creatures are vicious, lightning fast killers with a mean streak! And apparently indestructible!

At the SLIGHTEST sound they spring into action, running around like mutant hounds, capable anything and everything to shreds! If that weren’t enough, they are completely surrounded by an impenetrable bony exoskeleton armor, with a faceless head comprised mostly rows of countless razor-sharp teeth.

These are some truly horrific looking mofos that resemble NOTHING we’ve ever seen. Like something from the worst Lovecraftian nightmare.

 Equally disturbing, the movie doesn’t explain WHAT these things are, WHERE they came from, or WHY they are here. All we know is that the slightest sound trigger them. They hunt voraciously and kill everything in sight! Even the smallest squeaking rodent gets pulverized into a blood splotch faster than you can blink!

AQP is pitch-perfect and well paced. The acting is phenomenal! 90% of this movie is SILENT. Yes, most of the acting is done through American Sign Language with subtitles. But DO not let that deter you. The brilliance is in the acting, and yes Emily Blunt is absolutely FANTASTIC. She is part of two key scenes which are Oscar-worthy, IMO.

For horror fans this is MUST-SEE. There are rumors that this movie was initially part of the expanded Cloverfield Universe before Kracinski rewrote the draft! Maybe, maybe not? JJ Abrams should be so lucky. This movie is superior to all Cloverfield entries.

Forget about Cloverfield and welcome the Quietverse 🙂


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