Trying to finish Iron Fist.

What it do, world!

I know, I know…its been a week, and you guys miss me. Don’t fret, here i am to bring you the goodness. But first, coffee!
And now i have to remove my pants. Because shorts are more comfortable. And I’m a grown-ass man. Comfort is everything these days, am i right?

So, about this Iron Fist show…

Its ok.
Not the exactly the best offering from Marvel after following Luke Cage and Daredevil season 2. Don’t get me wrong, the story line is good. A slow build like Cage and Jessica Jones, but I’m not so sure on the plot. Its like the producers took a step backward somewhere. I understand that this is a shared universe with the television show and movie aspects, but rarely do they mention it. A subtle reference to the big green guy isn’t going to cut it. But i do like the fact that they give us more insight into The Hand.
It delves into the story more so than Daredevil did. I am assuming this is going to lead up to the Defenders team up/build up. I also believe that The Rza should’ve directed every episode, as he delivered one of the best ones of the season. I like Finn Jones, his acting is great, but he should definitely tone up before the Defenders drops. I mean, 15 years of studying kung-fu and fighting and sparring everyday should develop a body with .05 percent body fat. Finn is toned, but not ripped, like his comic counterpart.
Rosario Dawson should be given top billing in this series. she’s in over half the episodes and I’m pretty sure she is going to be the glue that brings them all together. does anyone else want ice cream right now?


ooh, sparkly things!! 😀
      I have the attention span of my 5-year old daughter. I stopped typing to check out the lady who delivers my mail. she’s an attractive woman. Nice thighs.
       Maybe i should start my third career as a photographer and create a calendar. Do people still buy calendars anymore??? I’m a dinosaur, so i do. Sometimes, you just have to go analog is this day and age. (I say this as i type on a computer, and not a typewriter or a telegraph.) … [insert laughing emoji here]
 So everyone is all about social media now.
       I’m also about it – the daily checks of Snapchat, tumblr, Twitter (for those who use it still) and occasionally, thefacebook. I am fond of tumblr as a close second behind Snapchat. Unicorns!

yup, this is how is end this post. a vomiting unicorn.

Love, peace, and hair grease!


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