Guess who finally joined the twitter movement?!

yes, it is true….the 2 comic book guys have joined the social media movement. probably a few years too late (we do have lives that exist outside……and by that, we actually mean outside). anyway, we can be found on twitter @2comicbookguys. more social media sites to follow. and as always, we will try to bring you the latest news and the hottest topics plus the madness and craziness that we can!
(Jay) Exactly! Talk about dinosaurs – this WordPress blog is starting to feel like Yahoo chatrooms lol. The internet was a MUCH different place when we started out 6 years ago. Twitter was barely a thing. Hell, I was still active on MySpace. By the time we get going on again something NEW will be popular! Maybe we should launch a full website? Hmmm….
-Jay and Friday-

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