'Guardians of the Galaxy's' Marvel-ous HAUL! $$

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Well, sort of. I was half-right. I said that even though Guardians of the Galaxy were D-list Marvel characters that the movie would STILL have a huge box office take.
Gog poster
And it did.  Damn, did it ever! To the tune of $328.8 million!!
The part I missed was the opening weekend prediction!
When I posted It’s a ‘Marvel’-ous world! (we’re just visiting)’ – I predicted that ‘GoG’ would bring in between $35-$50mill, and then word of mouth would gradually push it higher.
But I was wrong about that.  ‘Guardians obliterate August opening record’
Yeaah…it pretty much destroyed my estimate by like, 250%!
Sometimes i don’t mind being wrong 🙂
– Jay

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