Jay and Friday recast the Fantastic Four redux!

Fans of the F.F. franchise need not worry!

Although Jay and myself are fans of the movie,  if Marvel wants to re-do it, who are we to tell them no?! Lets get some quality writing and casting underway. Don’t worry, Hollywood. We’ve got the casting handled! Jay will cast his, and I will cast mine! We’ll leave it up to the readers to decide!
Now, in our last post, I had an incredible cast prepped for the F.F. redux. But Jay shot that down like clay discs in the sky. So I’m going to cast my characters, and He will cast his. We will leave it up to you, the readers to decide. So, without further ado…….

Friday’s Cast!

Guy Pearce as Reed Richards, aka Mr Fantastic
guy pearceMr._Fantastic-Classic-iOS
Fresh off of his appearance as As Aldrich Killian in Iron Man 3, I would like to reinsert him in a more positive role as leader of the Fantastic Four. He would kill in this role, and not literally! He could bring a coolness never before portrayed with the character.
Olivia Wilde as Susan Storm, aka The Invisible Woman
olivia wilde Invisible-Woman-by-Artgerm
Need I say more? A definite upgrade to the franchise. She did her thing on House. And she doesn’t look like she’s a teenager next to Reed Richards. I think I cast her perfectly, Jay!
Taylor Kitsch as Johnny Storm, aka The Human Torch
Human_torch.PNG taylor-kitsch
I think I’ll have to retract my previous statement about JGL and go with Taylor Kitsch. So long as he never plays Gambit ever again, I think he would be absolutely perfect in the role! He was great in Battleship (don’t judge me, I didn’t find the movie to be THAT bad) and Friday Night Lights as well as he was the absolute SHIZ-NIT in Savages!
Andrew Pleavin as Benjamin Grimm, aka The Thing
andrew pleavin thing
This guy is reprising his role in the 300 prequel as Daxon, but I think he would make an amazing Ben Grimm. Some orange prosthetics and a little CGI, and you have your perfect “Thing”. Its clobberin’ time!

Jay’s Turn!

Okay…okay…Decent list! In fact, pretty tough to beat! But I think I got you 😉
For Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic I’m thinking someone who is rather slight of build – but still can convey toughness. Someone who appears brainy, but also ‘unshorn’ (since R.R. spends most of his time in his lab) And someone who can convey a nice range of emotions, the ‘WOW’-ness of the FF universe (science, cosmic threats, hot wife) – I came up with…
‘The Walking Dead’s’ Rick Grimes -aka- ANDREW LINCOLN! 😀
here’s a guy who can play ice-cold serious AND family man. seeing the direction that Marvel movies are going (Ultron, Infinity Guantlet, AOA) We’d need a ‘Grime’-y Mr. Fantastic who can get down and dirty with the bad guys!
Now, to cast the ‘Way too hot for her nerd husband’ Susan Storm aka Invisible Girl….seriously, All we really need is eye-candy. She is just a hot wife who can TURN INVISIBLE. Not much acting required, but the catch is she needs to be a WOMAN- a woman that you NEVER want to turn invisible! Lol
Friday, Olivia Wilde was a perfect casting (props for that) – So I’m not really trying to beat that. In fact… I Agree 100%! 😀
here’s a non-news flash for ya – Olivia Wilde looks smokin’ hot from every conceivable angle! I bet that also includes BEING INVISIBLE!
Plus….guess what? SHE CAN ACT 🙂  She will completely wash away the memory of that ‘vacant blonde’ look Jessica Alba left us with!  (Very close runner-up – the feisty and tasty Kristen Bell)

Now…. let’s get to the Good Stuff!

For the young, obnoxious, over-confident, hot-headed ladies’ man Johnny Storm, who better to ‘catch that fire’ (pun intended) than a Young, obnoxious, ladies’ man who is FLAMING with confidence (Pun yo!) –
when I was watching ‘Hunger Games, Pt 2‘ I thought to myself  “This guy would be a cool Human Torch!”

Fennik! aka Sam Clafin!

sam clafinhuman_torch_billy_tan54cv_super-417x600
Both of the Storm’s bring the ‘Hot’ Factor to the FF team, so these two actors can hold their own against each other! Personally I think this blows Friday’s pick out of the water lol – but hey to each his own. Finnik’s characterization IS Johnny Storm to a ‘T’!You can just add fire to the above image and ‘voila’!  FLAME ON!
And Now, last but not least MY pick for ben Grimm -aka- THE THING is someone who can play ‘street-smart lunkhead’ – lets remember: Ben Grimm IS an astronaut. Sure he grew up on Yancy Street, but he’s an astronaut nonetheless. He downplays his smarts to go along with the Thing persona.
I wanted an actor who could do both. Come across as a guy capabale of piloting a spacecraft – but later can also toss cars around – and LOOK CONVINCING DOING BOTH.
Guess who has played street-smart, yet tough savvy guys? Looks great in a tux OR no clothes at all? And I’m betting he’d pull off looking like a pile of orange rocks!
Yessirrrrrr… JASON STATHAM!
LOOK AT THIS GUY! Just paint him orange and there you go! haha
There you have it, folks! Friday cast HIS version of the new FF and I (Jay) cast mine! We’ve been casting (and recommending) movies for the past 5 years now! Which do you think was better? Please, VOTE BELOW!

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