Jay and Friday's – Text Talk! – &^@#&^@#!

New feature folks!

Sometimes Friday and I have our best talks and blogging ideas while texting each other – and usually while we’re at work… when we SHOULD be working! lol Here is a look into how our blog ideas form – real excerpts from our latest text -talk….(disclaimer: rated ‘R’ for raunchy, rowdy, and ridiculous, and sometimes racist!)
JAY: Got your top 20 cb movie list for the blog. is this ranked??
Friday: You asked for #1-20 top cbm. No way in hell I would put iron man below GI Joe.  Feel free to rank them.
JAY: Hahaha. ok! (whew)

Friday: You and I pretty much agree on things like this.

Friday: Fucking affeck as Batman?? I still don’t get it.

JAY: #worried

Friday: Lol

Friday: (1/2) I’m watching Batman: the brave and the bold on netflix. Its got some funny moments. Diedrich Bader (from the drew Carey show) is the voice of batman. Tha
(2/2) t was enough for me right there.
JAY: Whaaaat! Niice!

Batman BnB
Friday: A slew of guest appearances, really. No superman or wonder woman though.

JAY: Hmmmm.
Friday: This one slid under the radar. The first season is 26 ep. Long!

JAY: yeh thats what I luv about BnB. The gueests!
They do Plastic man yet??
That fool funny as shit
Friday: He was in 2 episodes. Dude, the had him and elongated man bickering about who Batman liked the best! Shit was funny!
JAY: :D!
Friday: Hawk and Dove fighting each other like some little kids, haha!
JAY: Wow
Black canary?
Friday: (1/2) Black lightning, katanna, and metamorpho are teens and formed a group called the outsiders. Deosn’t really tie in with the justice league and justice lea
(2/2) gue unlimited lines, though. I went back and watched both series all the way through.
Canary was in one episode, and it was with music master, so the whole episode was singing. They gave her a schoolgirl crush on batman.
and aquaman is a CLOWN in this! He might be my favorite character in the series!
JAY:  Yeh he need an image makeover
Friday: They went 180 with him! not too serious.
JAY: total oposite of Namor. Perfect
Friday: The blue beetle has a man crush on Batman as well! Even had to fit the original, ted kord! The voice for him is the same as the voice in young justice.
JAY: BB and booster gold both wannabes!
Espec BB tho!
Friday: (1/2) Man. Booster Gold is a fucktard.
Love blue beetle, though. I can’t wait for the season of young justice, though. netflix has all the old wb cartoons. Jus
(2/2) t missing animaniacs and pinky and the brain.

JAY: hahaha@fucktard.
yeh really
Gotta get them rights from WB and Spielberg! $$$$
Friday: They just need spielberg. None of his sht is on netflix. Nor Lucas. Hmmmmmm…..coincidence?
This could totally be a topic for the blog, by the way.
JAY: Yeh…$$$$! Dude I’m alrdy on it
Friday: Do it!
JAY: Lucas been milking SW For over 30 years now
of course he wants $1B from netflix lol
Friday: (1/2) Rumor has it the new star wars is supposed to be the origin of the kids/ Hans and leia’s. I’m getting mixed reviews about it.
I’ll still watch it. Waitin
(2/2)g on Guardians of the Galaxy! Shit is gonna be awesome!
JAY: WHo is doing R. Raccoon voice??
Friday: Bradley cooper. Vin diesel is groot.

Vin as groot
JAY: Aaaaaaaaaahhhh! Sweeeet!
Friday: I think they nailed it with the voices.
JAY: Who is the chick in GG? Gamora, right?
forgot who the chick
Friday: Zoe Saldana is Gamora!
JAY: Yaaaaay!!  #stiffy
Friday: New ninja turtles is gonna be nice too! Megan Fox as april o Neal? Fuck yes!
Oh Michael rooker is yondu! He looks awesome as shit!
Bautista is draxx. They fuckin nailed that one.
JAY: Bautista was first cast member right!
Friday: No, Chris Pratt was, I love that they chose him, by the way. One of my favorite new actors
from parks and Rec. and the movie about taking down bin laden
JAY: ooooooh riiiiight! ANDY! lol   luv PnR –
luv me some Audrey Plaza!!
Audrey…Aubrey?(sp) whatvr
Friday: SO you know its gonna have some funny moments.
(1/2) found an interesting article on the Marvel movie universe and upcoming projects. Iron Fist! Rumored with Ray Park! Total nerd erect
(2/2) ion right now!!
RP as IF
JAY: SWEET! yeah thats a no-brainer!
Ray Park. Not ur erection. 😐
Friday: HA!


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