Once Again, the 2 comic book guys are ahead of the game!

Once again Jay and Friday bring the hotness in our blogs! A year ago we put out our list of comic books that SHOULD be TV shows –

Top Comic Books BEGGING to made into TV shows – July, 2010!

and look what happens!

Seems like some people in Hollywood are reading our blog, because ABC just announced a new TV show based off of ‘FABLES‘….One of our recommendations 😀

ABC: Once Upon A Time



For the record, I DID say that this show could work on either network (ABC) or premium (Showtime), so being the creative consultant that I am – ABC can email me directly for the address to send a royalty check to! 😀

Now, if someone could PLEASE start production on either 100 Bullets or Scalped, that’d be greeeaat!


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  1. ! says:


  2. frankly I’m not looking forward to this. Hope someone finally negotiates some kind of deal.

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