New Movie Trailers! Kick-Ass (Hit Girl), Iron Man 2!

The new Kick-Ass trailer (and poster) is out – featuring HIT-GIRL! and she is THE REASON I am rushing to go see this movie! 😛

***WARNING: NOT for minors! ***


O. M. F. G!! This may be the most bad-azz of all bad-azzest trailers…..EVER!

Kick-Ass is already a modern classic comic book – with 1st print prices going through the ROOF! Writer Mark Millar taps into the simple setup of what normal people would look like trying to be superheroes. The results are far less than spectacular lol.  Like the poster tagline says: I may not fly; I may not have x-ray vision;I may not be strong….but I can STILL kick your ass!

And the biggest pay-off for me is seeing Hit-Girl in action on the big screen!

I admit, I have a certain ‘thing’ for movies featuring young girls wrecking havoc on people! You know….the ‘violent femme’ -type. Like young Natalie Portman in the classick ‘Leon, the Professional‘! (international version, mind you). Or Zhang ZiYi in ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon‘. Whoooo weee! 😀 Or, howzabout Go Go Yubari from ‘Kill Bill 2′?? Now SHE was badassss! 😛

Trust me when I say that Hit-Girl will be the GEM of the already awesome ‘Kick-Ass’ movie! You heard it here first 🙂


Iron Man 2 looks to be another summer blockbuster, another great movie in Downey Jr.’s career, and another awesome comic book movie!

Not sure I would have chosen Whiplash from the pantheon of Iron Man villains (Mandarin, anyone???) – but hey, based on this teaser trailer….sure, why not? 🙂

Amazing how Robert Downey Jr exactly captures Tony Stark’s runaway ego and genius! 🙂

I admit I do have a nostalgic soft spot for Rutger Hauer err Mickey Rourke 😛  and Don Chee is looking good for War Machine….but really– We here are dripping wet excited to Scarlett playing BLACK WIDOW! Whoo hoooo! 😀


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