UPDATE: Thor cast!! Hollywood is going to ruin another one!


Who is THIS guy, i ask?



why, this is Chris Hemsworth. and although i have nothing against this young man trying to make a comeup in Hollywood and earn some bread doing something that he loves, he’s going to be thrown into the ranks of eric bana. this guy could single-handedly ruin a movie i’m looking forward to!

Hollywood, why is this man slated to appear as the next Marvel comics movie adaptation THOR?? did you not read my previous blog? here’s the link:


seriously, yes, i can say with complete confidence that this man is handsome. but does he have what it takes to carry the weight of a full length motion picture as the Norse God of Thunder?! WTF????

the only blockbuster this guy has under his belt is a teeny tiny part in the recently released Star Trek blockbuster as James Kirk’s father! his role was lieterally 5 min!


Hollywood, seriously. reconsider what the fans want.

Dominic Purcell is THOR!!

HE’S GOLD! Coming off of the recent sucess with Prison Break, he’s the obvious candidate. at least he has numerous films and tv shows on his resume. not freaking Dancing with the Stars!!

damn you all to hell, Hollywood!!!

Update: Holy f**ktards! Hollywood what are you doing??

Get your heads out your 3rd point of contact!  Did you not see our previous casting couch postings about Thor movies?? Please  – do not ruin this great character!!!

-Jay, hating Tinseltown.

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  1. naaaaaaahhhhhhh…….miscasted!

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