‘INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS’ – Another Tarantino Classic!


A group of Jewish American WWII soldiers hunt down, kill, and scalp Nazis.

Meanwhile, a Jewish girl in France escapes Nazi soldiers and plans the ultimate revenge.

The two worlds collide for an unforgettable movie!

Action, story, plot, suspense, tension, humor, blood, gore, cinematography, great acting, well written, and some compelling performances!

This movie is 2 1/2 hours of awesome-ness.


Grade: A+

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0 Responses to ‘INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS’ – Another Tarantino Classic!

  1. Great acting except for the bearable Brad Pitt and the unwatchable Eli Roth.


  2. Jay Jay says:

    Haa! well Eli’s a horror director not much of an actor. As for Pitt, hey i liked his Tenn. hillbilly Aldo Raines šŸ™‚ But what did you think about that ‘Jew Hunter’ Col. Hans Landa? Great acting!

  3. True. Everyone in the film who wasn’t an American actor was fantastic.

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