Teaser: BATMAN 3 Posters

With the overwhelming success ($500Mil!) of the The Dark Knight movie

– rabid fans (like myself) are already gassed up for the next go-round, BATMAN 3!

The rumor mill has started churning – the production news has leaked [thanx Gary Oldman! 🙂 ]- and lo and behold, we already have fan-made concept posters! Check it out!

Joshwmc of Deviant Art did an exceptional job with his concepts!

his Harley Quinn poster goes extra hard!

decent Riddler – keeps in line with the ‘realistic’ feel to Nolan’s Bat-version….

I’m feeling this Catwoman! less sex – more cat-burglar!

LOVE IT! Not sure about his title choice tho….. but here is one that REALLY digs into the possible Riddler theme


Niiiiice! 😀  That ‘Guess Who’? fits right into the Johnny Depp rumor for Riddler! Again… not sure about that title Gotham Knights – there should only be ONE Dark Knight sooo…hmm.

I Like this next one – but they dint bother to update the Dark Knight header lol

Ok folks….this last one…..this does it for me!


Nailed it!

The faux news headline – the MIA Batman – the one-year update – the menacing greasy Question mark – and a *hint* of the Riddler… AND – AND the perfect movie title

The Dark Knight Returns!


-jay, the main dood


Click here for more Batman goodies!!!

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0 Responses to Teaser: BATMAN 3 Posters

  1. Matt says:

    David Tennant? This is gonna be awesome

  2. Jay Jay says:

    so far only a rumor my friend…only a rumor! 🙂

  3. Scarlet says:

    If anyone ever plays Harley Quinn, it needs to be Brittany Murphy – a la Sin City accent – would be perfect.

  4. Jay Jay says:

    Brittney Murphy as Harley Quinn – HELL. YEAH! <3
    I been playing Batman Arkham Asylum all weekend!! Video Game Crack Cocaine!!

  5. harry says:

    David tennent yeah batman’s crap now ;(

  6. JC Yee says:

    Helena Bonham Carter as Harley Quinn, for sure

  7. Jay Jay says:

    JC Yee, yehh… NAH. Ima have to go with Brit Murphy for Harley Quinn – just way Waaay more sexier than HBC!
    Brit in ‘8 mile’ – Brit in ‘Sin City’ – Brit Murphy in my lap. Any way we can get it, Brit Murphy has my vote for a sexy, sassy, and insane HARLEY QUINN <3 <3!

  8. Frank Ponte says:

    that picture of the riddler looks like it could be Robin Williams

  9. Jay Jay says:

    That IS Robin Williams! Fan art for Riddler – but R-Dub is too old and fat now – still funny as heck tho!

  10. una says:

    the catwoman looks a bit transvestite-y..
    no offence 🙂

  11. Jay says:

    kinda gimp-ish? 😛

  12. Fluke says:


  13. Phil e drifter says:

    Get out of your mom’s basement, meet some girls.

    Robin Williams as Riddler? wtf?

  14. Phil e drifter says:

    (more proof that hollywood is completely out o ideas)

  15. JYH3 says:

    The Riddler poster is “DECENT”??? THAT would be the most fucking amazing casting decision ever! Dear Lord, I would pay to see that movie ten times! He’s one of the best actors out there!

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