2 Comic book Guys – WE”VE MOVED!!!

Thas right good peoples! We are packin up PACKED UP and hauled azz over to a NEW and IMPROVED –  url 😛

No major change, really. Just a new url name….

‘ 2comicbookguys’ 

here on WordPress.com

grandcentralcomics.wordpress will be converted exclusively to comic books – new ones and classics!

So if  you have us BOOKMARKED – you can save this name for exclusive comic book stuff ‘grandcentralcomics’ – but Jay, Friday, and Dumpling will be discussing our random nuttiness over at


again, for the guy who was looking out the window….


So for all 28,000 of you hits out there that crashed on our couch – grabs your beer, bongs, and bikinis and head over to the *NEW* blog where the party will REALLY kick off!

Same great blog. Same odd yet satisying smell. same cool minty semsation –  like a York peppermint patty 🙂

-Jay, over and out.

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