Wolverine’s 35th Anniversary! *SNIKT!*

It’s almost that time!! The X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie is right around the corner! —


And we basterds here at 2 comic Book Guys are psyched, hyped, and geeked to witness that first *SNIKT!* from James ‘Logan Howlett!!

You know how the story goes – good ol’ American Canadian boy James Howlett comes of age – grows some mutant claws – offs his abusive dad – runs away –  joins an elite fighting force – becomes experimental govt. top assassin – joins group of superhero mutant….the usual story! And you all know that we here are true Wolverine fans….having covered him

herehere….and here.

and now Marvel Comics is celebrating the 35th year of Wolverine’s history with exclusive artwork, variant covers, the release of a new DVD animation, and obviously the movie itself!


the offishall website is off the chain! –> http://x-menorigins.com/us/

In fact, we should be celebrating All Things Wolverine! <— shameless plug of Wolverine goodies! 🙂

Here is Wolverine’s very first comic book appearance –> INCREDIBLE HULK #181!!



The Dark Knight holds the current opening weekend record of a staggering $158 Million!  What do you think the Wolverine movie opening weekend will be? Record-breaking?!

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