Scarlett Johansson Joins the cast of Iron Man II!

The comic book movie gods continue to smile upon us!!

Scarlett Johannson  will be joining the cast of Iron Man II as none other than the sexxy Russian super-spy BLACK WIDOW!!

sidenote: * Hey Friday – how come you haven’t done a ‘Sexiest comic book chix posting yet??? *

Is Scarlett just the HOTTEST lil slice of hottie in Hollywood or what??? (rhetorical question folks! the easy answer is ‘yes’ the long answer is also ‘hell-fuccin-Yes’.) For the pundits out there – let us examine Exhibit A:

scarlett_johansson1 WOW.

scarlett-johansson Jeebus!

Do we need further visual proof?  HELL YEH! 😀

scarlett_johansson3 GOODNESS!!

scarlett_johansson4 Gracious!!

whew! ….I’m sorry…..what were we talking about again??? oh yeh…haha… the Iron Man II movie! So Juicy Lips…err… Scar-Jo plays Black Widow aka Natasha Romanova – and life just got that much better. Exhibit B please —>

blackwidow060606 mercy!    blackwidow_maleev Gyot – DAYUM!!

blackwidow_maleev2 Oooh weee! (I love that Alex Maleev treatment)

Does this not have blockbuster written all over it? And the best part is that we don’t even NEED good acting from Scarlett –  we just need to have her squeeze into a skintight Black Widow latex outfit! That is enough to get $18 out of MY wallet (yes, $18 – two $9 movie tix becuz i plan to see this twice!) .


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