Star Trek (2009) – Movie Trailer! – J. J. Abrams’ reboot: May 08, 2009.

Ahhhh shit! Trekkies rejoice!

Is your inner-geek screaming with excitement yet??

Cuz’ I know mine is on overload for the new J.J. Abrams’  ‘STAR TREK‘ movie! 😮

Peep the exciting trailer below!!

Niiiiiiice! 😮  [and I’m diggin the wild-eyed new Dr. Bones McCoy!]

J.J. Abrams (Alias, Lost, Cloverfield) – is bringing an intense remake of the well-loved Star Trek mythology to the silver screen, and as far as I’m concerned – this image right here says it all –


Hellls yeh!  The new Mr. Spock!  Zachary Quinto – aka – ‘SYLAR‘ from Heroes! Does this just scream ‘Born to play the role’ or what?!

Plus – you have to love the fact that -despite the social progression of humans in this future incarnation- Abrams retrospectively included the throback 1960s, short skirt-wearing ensign on the bridge!

the_bridgeskirt [damn – she kinda’ thick in the thigh. cheeese!]

Here is JJ Abrams’ take on the Star Trek franchise – and how it is different from the Star Wars canon:

“Star Trek” is positing a future that is incredibly inspiring. If you can get past the cliche and make it real and relevant, there’s something very exciting about that. This is not “Star Wars” which happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. This is us and our future.


STAR DATE: May 08, 2009!

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