The AVENGERS MOVIE casting UPDATE- Will The Hulk be the villain?! – HULK SMASH!!! :o)

The Avengers movie will be made. It will set a new standard for comic book movies. It will gross north of $300 mill. Comic book prices will skyrocket. Toys and video games will sell out in stores. Geeks will hook up with hotties. Gas prices will roll back to 2000 levels ($1.25 yall!!), and A new era of filmmaking will begin. And it will all be becuz…

The Hulk played the Avengers’ villain!!

Yep – that’s right, dammit. this isn’t a Casting Couch Special – this is just me Big-Upping ol Greeny-Green. According to Marvel insiders, this is a strong possiblilty.

But in MY book, I say this SHOULD happen! The villain shall NOT be – Namor. Nor Loki. Nor Red Skull, nor aliens, terrorists, bin Laden, Pakistanis, nor W. Bush.

Nope – get ol’ Green-skinned and I promise you we have a ‘monster’ hit! People will pay big money to see

INCREDIBLE HULK Vs. Captain America!

and here’s why: The Ultimates #5.


This book set a standard of comic book ass-kicking. Mark Millar damn near wrote a movie script with this one!

But before we jump into all that – first lets do a quick look at a historical view.

The very first Avengers (#1, 1963) featured a rag-tag team of superheroes in their career infancy – Thor, Iron Man, Ant-Man, Wasp, and of course…..the Hulk.


The storyline is basic: good guys fight bad guys. – but- the nice wrinkle is that a Loki- possessed HULK goes bananas on the rest of the team!– and is out of the picture quicker than a deadbeat dad! He just couldn’t cut it in a team environment. The dude rolls out in issue #2. Talk about a short team career!

Now – Fast forward to 2001 and it gets juicier. Marvel Comics did a relaunch called The Ultimate Universe. Marvel basically modernizes all of the classic stories – including The Avengers. (the Ultimates)


Guess who is a major bad-ass in the relaunch??? THE INCREDIBLE HULK.

Only difference is that this Hulk is a savage, insanely jealous, psychopathic killer! Matter fact – this Hulk kills HUNDREDS of people, beats the livin’ snot outta the whole team, including Captain America – damn near kills Giant Man (ripping his jaw OPEN),


cracks Iron Man’s armor in half, and takes the team apart with sheer savagery! How insane is that shit?

I think this battle alone is worth the price of admission! Don’t you?

Part 1 Concludes. Check out Part 2 of ‘Why This will work!’ coming soon….. -jay


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