DEATH NOTE MOVIE: Zac Efron as Light Yagami? Will the movie tank?


In one of my blog entries, I mentioned that Zac Efron will be a bad choice for Light Yagami in the American version of Death Note movie.

Now that was just my opinion (even though I think I am right waaa haaa haaa haa!) What about YOU?

Do you agree with me? Or am I a moron for bashing Zac Efron?

While we are at it.

Do you think Hollywood should make the American version of Death Note?


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0 Responses to DEATH NOTE MOVIE: Zac Efron as Light Yagami? Will the movie tank?

  1. Rick Boyer says:

    Can you tell me who did your layout? I’ve been looking for one kind of like yours. Thank you.

  2. Catherine E. Ramírez Pascual says:

    you can hate HSM, but I can’t think of an actor that looks more like light xD

  3. Hey, there is no doubt dude looks like Light. It is his ability to ‘be’ Light is what I question. (^.^)

  4. Brontee x says:

    Sure, he looks like like Light but can he be light?

    Going from a happy dancing captain of the basketball team to a mass murdering psycho hoping to be the god of a new world … i dont think so.

  5. WakImmatJah says:

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  6. Chiko says:

    Is this info true?
    I can´t belive, there will be a Death Note Movie with Zac Efron. o___O

    But if its treu, I think he will be a good choise. It look fits so perfect. But I wonder, if Efron will be good at the point, when he starts to get crazy about his “job” beeing the good of the world.

  7. megumisamma41100 says:

    just because zac efron was in highschool musical, doesn’t mean he can’t play light. Its not like he does musical’s all the time. plus, he’s being in the new movie 17 again, where there is no musicals. lets see you guys reply after that.

  8. megumisamma, do you seriously believe he can pull off ‘Kira’?

  9. Kiki says:

    I don’t think that america should even redo Death Note.It was perfect the way it was.

    I mean it’s going to lose alot when they remake it.It’s going to have to have american things mixed in and the culturle beliefs will mashed.
    I mean I don’t even think half the girls who will go just beacuse Zac is in it will know what a Shimagami is and then I know I will cry when they pick L (Is an L fan).
    And the only thing simillar between Light and Zac is their
    Not something to really go on.

  10. Jay Jay says:

    Yeh Kiki – there are quite a few things America should not do… like hand out bailout money and invade other countries! lol

    But we definitely SHOULD NOT Eff-up Japanese productions by trying to remake them in English! That is a serious No-No!

    Imagine the American remake of ‘Samurai Champloo’! I would have to hunt down the producers and KILL THEM.

  11. Kiki, yup, I wonder, too, whether Zac’s fans have any idea what the hell DEATH NOTE is about and let alone LIGHT and KIRA.

    There was image where the creator photoshopped Zac to look like Kira – with black under eyes and hair and all. It looks pretty cool except for Zac was having ‘all-american- smile on his face.

    Anyhow, the comments were something like:

    “eeeww…how could you do that Zac?”
    “oh, you hater! Why are you making fun of Zac?”
    “Why are you making him look all ’emo’?!?!

    Obviously, these girls have no clue as to what the image was about. And it would be the exact same type of girls who will go see the movie.

    So, yup, it will suck ass pretty bad!

  12. Kiki says:

    America only wants to remake it, because it did so well and
    wants to cash in on it.

    I mean wasn’t America even intrseted in relisencing some of it’s manga and anime distributors.I think that there was
    an issue that Funamation had a few years ago (When Fruit
    Basket got cancelled) where America made them cut there manga series in half.
    Funimation had an article about it posted in a PIQ and Okatu USA (One of those two…I know I read it in an anime
    based magazine.)

    But anyway,
    In the end it will just be the same lines, but translated in to American(slang and crap added to english) and with Tween fan-based actors.

    There is just so much of the storyline that will HAVE to be
    changed for it to be americanized, it wont be the Death Note
    we all know and love anymore.

    I mean look at the dubbed verson of Sailor Moon and then the
    orginal japanese verson for example.
    America butchered it!!!

  13. Team Kira says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! was my reaction. Zac CANNOT be light. Light/kira is evil in an awesome way. ZAc is running singing songs no no no. I know somebody that looks like a way better light then zac. man im so upset i cant say anymore

  14. Desu Noto. says:

    That’s ZETTA @#$% Messed up.
    I hate how Hollywood messes up Japanese animes.
    GAHH, leave our Asian shit alone.
    They end up making Epic Phail remakes.

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  16. Willis Miller says:

    Dude wat is going throught these duchbages heads Zac Efron as Light thats like so f**ked up on so many levels!
    If they do cast him as Light He better not F**K up or thers gonna be alot of Death Note Fans at hes dorr the day after the movie is relest!

  17. Maki maki says:

    Well he might pull it off if the website i went on said zac is a manga fan and likes deathnote is true
    here it is

  18. carheinen says:

    Zac Efron must be killed for the good of the world. Who will do it?

  19. ano itagalog mo nga hindi ko understand joke lang

  20. jake says:

    i reckon zac efron would play a great Light yagami, just forget about HSM, and think about it, his looks suit light quite well, and if hes a good actor, then why not?

  21. jake says:

    also, the jap deathnote movie SUCKED BALLS

  22. walkedaway says:

    proof, yes?

    as much as i hate his guts, he does look like light imagay (yagami spelled backwards btw), and since i hate him, that is the reason why he should be the one that plays the part.

    just kidding. zac efron needs to age faster. some people actually deserve to have their youth. he doesn’t.

  23. Joe says:

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! NOT ZAC EFRON!!!! They shouldn’t make a Hollywood Death Note! They could RUIN MY FAVORITE ANIME!!!!

  24. Marc says:

    Jake you almost had me for a second there. I RAGED then I realised you were trolling so all is forgiven. Honestly he has acceptable acting skills. But that being said his abilities render him only able to act in happy hollywood films in which the main character has a happy ending. This movie WILL tank. We are looking at Dragon ball evolution 2. It will be condensed and Japanese names will more then likely become english names. You can tell that Zac efron doesn’t like Death Note because if he did he would NEVER consider starring in the movie because this movie will not be for fans like the near immaculate Japanese counterpart it will be purely to milk the popularity of the Manga. If you think otherwise you are ; A. non-anime interested female adolescent B. 8 C. Stupid D. Vertigo Entertainment

  25. Hamachi says:

    Ok ok ok. I saw this rumor on youtube and now I’m getting bent out of shape… Death Note the greatest anime and manga next to DBZ and they, of all losers in america chose Zar F—ron. NO! NO! NO! This movie, even without the trailer, is, in fact an epic fail. Japan should’ve done a remake of it… with the same actors and just subbed it… like they do for anime… BUT NO america gets their hands on it and Hollywood is going to mess this up. Ok: Light you do look like Zac, in appearance. (I sure as hell hope they include Light’s death scene) I hope they make this PG-13 to R because that will infact be a nice movie even if ZE is playing the lead role … lets hope Hannah Montana doesn’t play Misa.

  26. Ayase says:


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  28. Jacob K ( I love hayley Williams) says:

    WTF zac effron is a Pûssy every true death note fan no’s that

  29. i dont care if he looks like light ! he CANNOT play light. this is like when robert pattinson played edward.
    he just can’t be light.
    i hope they cast someone good as L.
    i d rather they not make the movie.

  30. Ignorance says:

    I don’t think they should make the movie. Even if they do all Zac has in common with Light is looks, I don’t know if I can believe he can pull off acting like Light.

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