Comic book Throwback: X-Men #25 / Wolverine #75 – Magneto Rips Adamantium

X-MEN #25 / Wolverine #75




Yo HANDS DOWN – one of the Greatest moments in comic book history!

The story: After years of battling the X-Men to a draw, Magneto ups the ante in a major way! So what does he do? He magnetically taps into Wolverine’s skeleton and RIPS the adamantium clean off of Wolvie’s bones! OUCH!!!

Folks, I’ve had my finger slammed in a car door; I’ve had broken bones; I even got a couple of bunions on my feet (those jokers hurt!!); even been kicked in the balls a few times. But I believe this trumps EVERYTHING in the history of pain! (except maybe…the Passion?)

To understand the level of pain -we must understand that the adamantium was grafted onto Wolverine’s bones! ‘Magneezy’ -on a molecular level- had to peeeeeeeeeel that metal from his bones and forced that shit out thru the pores of his skin!!!

I cannot even IMAGINE the amount of excruuuuuutiating pain that comes with getting shit FORCED THROUGH the pores of your skin!

ouch <–  CLOSE – but not quite!]

Even tho Logan is officially ‘The Best at What He Does’ -AND- is one of the baddest bad-asses ever to walk Planet Earth. (badder than Sweet Sweetback, Samuel L. Jackson, A Pimp Named Slickback, Harry Callahan, young LL Cool J, and Charles Bronson combined) – this round belonged to Magneto! Healing factor be damned! – Logan broke down and howled like a bitch! – And I don’t blame him.

The result sent shockwaves thru the comic book industry! There was no coming back from this! I…. I felt as terrible as when Iron Mike lost to Buster Douglas.

buster-tyson (I’m still in denial from this bullshit!)

Or Kinda like what TO looked like when the Cowboys lost back in 2007…

APTOPIX Giants Cowboys Football (“It ain’t Furr!”)

Yeh TO, it was pretty damn bad.

The balls it took to do this story earns these issues a spot in the Comic Book HOF (is there a such?) Well…. it definitely earns on spot on THIS blog!

And while you’re at it – check out –> Wolverine’s Top Ten battles!

And if you want to actually OWN these classic issues?  –  they might be available in this Ebay store.


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