The First Avenger: CAPTAIN AMERICA MOVIE casting – Daniel Craig as Cpt. America?!

I read on a message board today. There was a question:

Does the actor who will play Captain America necessarily have to be an American?! Would it be acceptable if a British actor like Daniel Craig was cast or a Canadian like Nathan Fillion?

Last time I heard something this ignorant was when some idiot stated that Barrack Obama was related to Osama Bin Laden!

Does the actor who will play Captain America necessarily have to be an


Seriously, if you have to ask this question, you don’t deserve to even mention his name! And out of all the non-American actors: Daniel Craig?!

Daniel Craig is the reason why I stopped watching all the new Bonds movies. Why? Because dude sucks life out of James Bonds. His performance is dryer than the Sahara Dessert. So no, this ape-look alike shall NOT be Bonds and definitely NOT Cpt. America.

Besides his not-too-impressive acting performance, dude is unfit for the role because of his age. The movie is an origin story. Even with all the make-up, digital technology (like in what they did in X-MEN) do you seriously think Craig can play mid-20’s?

BTW, just to give you an idea of how Daniel Craig would be as an American, watch Lara Croft. And you will see why I am ranting here.

Then someone asked:

What is wrong with having non-American play Cpt. America. After all, Christian Bale is Australian and he played Bruce Wayne perfectly.

The difference is in the name itself He is “Captain” “America“! We are not talking about Captain BooBooShooShoo or Captain Noodle Soup. Matter of fact, read what Cap. has to say here:

I’m sure he would be quite unhappy to have a non-American actor portray him. One thing, these non-fans or wanna-be fans need to understand. Captain America is an iconic figure that carries a significant message: patriotic.

To have someone who was not born or lives most of his live in America to play this type of character kills the whole meaning of it. The feeling just won’t be the same.

Technically, an actor is an actor. An actor has the ability to learn American accent. However, the real question that needs to be asked is NOT:

COULD a Non-American play Captain America?

But the real question should be :

SHOULD a Non-American play Captain America?


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0 Responses to The First Avenger: CAPTAIN AMERICA MOVIE casting – Daniel Craig as Cpt. America?!

  1. Jay Jay says:

    Yeah I’m not feeling Daniel Craig as Cpt. America either. His James Bond is my least favorite! No humor or smoothness! Captain America definitely needs to be an actual AMERICAN, no question.

  2. Jon fox says:

    Let’s face it, Captain America has to be one of Marvel’s more two dimensional characters. And also one that’s been notoriously hard to do convincingly on screen. I rather pity the actor who has to try and flesh out such a dull, all-American (yawn) hero. American or not I think Craig is actually too good for the role – if you only know this guy from James Bond, you’re missing out. He seems capable of making any part interesting and watchable (I totally agree with critics around the world who called him the best Bond ever). But if he could survive a blockbuster as ‘blah’ Tomb Raider, hopefully he can survive this. Personally I think the whole Capt. America franchise would be better suited to a square-jawed, can’t act, dumb American pretty boy. Throw a stick at the set of ‘The Young & The Restless’ and you’ll hit at least six. Good luck Daniel.

  3. Jay Jay says:

    Hey Jon- you should check out our update on this post…

    you were dead-on about the square-jawed soap opera actor playing Cap!

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