WHAT IF?…….Juggernaut in the NFL! Aquaman Namor at SeaWorld!


The JUGGERNAUT were an NFL player?! how fuckin crazy would that be? the guy literally can’t be stopped once he gets going.

 i mean, the dude is like kinetic energy! he’s the MARION BARBER of the Marvel universe! notice i used dallas cowboy blue. if you know me, then you know i hate the cowbitches. America’s team, my ass! notice that Juggy is wearing REDSKIN BURGUNDY. you know who the real team is! ol juggy would be in the hall of fame after one season, destroying all rb records! he jump to the top as a WHITE running back, kinda like this man here…..

 Ladies and gentlemen, this is JOHN RIGGINS. no. 44 himself. one of the best to play the position. and in my WHAT IF?…… world, Juggy would be this man.

WHAT IF?………..

AQUAMAN and NAMOR worked at SeaWorld cleaning TANKS?!

except they were potheads, and just had jobs to support their “habit?” they’d be the Harold and Kumar of the underwater world.

but who would be who? i can see ol aquaman as harold…..he’s serious enough to cut his own damn arm off………..

WHAT IF?…………

Doc Ock worked at a fast food joint?

and he worked at a joint like this ? how crazy would that be? he’d go in for an interview, and the manager would be like, “do you have and special skills?” and doc would be like, “no, but i’ve got 4 titanium arms, and could run this kitchen by myself. imagine he’d be so good, he eventually get a t.v. show on the FOOD NETWORK. 8 Meals in Minutes with the Doc!!! it’d be and instant classic! Couldn’t be on IRON CHEF, though. not enough room in kitchen stadium.

Coming up next time……..

WHAT IF?………………Silver Samurai was a butcher?

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