HEROES SPOILERS: ‘Villains’ w. Sneak Peek and 2 Trailer Videos – Episode 8

Hey everyone, Sprint just released episode 8 sneak peek! We see a scene from the past in which Angela was talking with Arthur about Nathan and Linderman.

For information on Episode 8 description, see Heroes: Villains (caution: SPOILER ALERT!)


Here are 2 trailers for Episode 8 ‘Villains’. You’d better hurry before Youtube take them down!

The next episode of Heroes, Hiro Nakamura is taking us back to the past. He follows Arthur and Nathan, evil mastermind Linderman, and Sylar before he was Sylar.

  • We see Arthur causing Nathan’s accident ( season 1 ).
  • Nathan blaming Lindermann. (–>I believe the conversation between Arthur and Angela was about this incident.)
  • Nathan (with Peter) asking his father to choose a side.
  • Angela VS Arthur
  • Elle and Gabriel. He starts liking her and when the other guy comes along he kills him to prove how special he is?


Words are that Flint is supposed to be Meredith‘s ‘hot-headed’ brother and this will be revealed in Villains as well.

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