All Star Batman and Robin #10 Error- BANNED!

Looks like someone over at DC Comics made a major boo-boo. All Star Batman and Robin #10, 1st printing were quickly YANKED! off of shelves and ordered to BURN!!! (burn, baby, burrrrrrn!)

What’s all the hoopla about? This ASBnR #10 comic book somehow ‘slid’ past the final editing stage, and some nice little words were definitely visible thru the editing markouts! Here is a sample…..

‘Fuck Me, that little cunt stole my board!’

and another great gem –

Fuck you twice! You let a little jailbait cunt….’ Yes, ithinkyougetthepicture!

Frank Miller‘s All Star Batman & Robin – which is a sorta grown-up version of the dynamic duo- is a more…ummmm REALISTIC look at the world of a possibly deranged, delusional man who dresses as a BAT every night….runs around beating the shit outta bad guys… AND hangs out with under-aged children. And lives in a cave. I mean seeriously, this is like Michael Jackson’s ultimate wet dream! In Frank Miller’s Bat-world it only makes SENSE that this should happen like this. And Miller’s version of Batgirl…well, she’s just a little pouty-mouthed minx ain’t she? ME LIKEY!

Personally I think its all clever marketing scheme to drum up business for a title that has not been selling as big as they would like. Yeah…now that I think about it, did u guys REALLY accidentally NOT cover up all of those swear words during the editorial process??? Surrrre….

And Vida Guerra’s nude phone pics  were “hacked”! ha  (NSFW or kiddies, R-rated!)

BTW- these banned ASBnR #10 copies are already going for $20 a pop on Ebay!

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