I know, I’m late….

so check it out, i know its not friday, and i know i’m two days late. but hear me out. i had no internet. well, i had it, but i had to reconnect it. we’re in the process of moving furniture around, and the new location of my workstation wasn’t active. so i had to hook-you know what? who cares? on with the show!

so, i originally intended to log on today and doing another casting couch. i was on the d.c. site, looking up characters alphabetically. got as far as DEADPOOL. more on that another time. have you ever watched the food channel? there’s some hot chefs on there! its just an observation.

anyway, not much goes on on fridays. i supposed to do a bunch of shit that i didn’t till saturday, and some stuff i’m gonna do today. basically, i’m PROCRASTINATING this weekend. this past friday was a blur. did see SAW V this past weekend. not as great as the others. but i’m not a movie critic……..yet.

Jay and i’ve decided to start a ‘What If?…’ section of the site……gonna go work on that now! laters!

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