Heroes: Ando is dead …or maybe NOT?

I can NOT believe that Hiro would kill his friend just like that. I’m sure you were as shocked as I was. But my question is this: “Would Hiro really kill his friend.” Then again, after seeing the future, Hiro has been acting pretty suspicious of Amdo. Nevertheless, could Hiro really be that merciless?

I know, you probably think, ‘could’, ‘would’, what the heck?! Ando was stabbed! And more or less, dude is dead! So why am I talking as if Ando is actually not dead?

Well, words are that according to set report from BuddyTV back in September, Hiro had teleported himself to a Japanese magic shop for a trick sword and some fake blood.

So if the writers are in a good mood, we will be seeing Ando again.

-:: Dumpling :: –

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